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King of pentacles :)

I’m a Virgo, and pentacles are often associated with Earth signs!  So yes!  Also, lately I feel like I kinda am the King of Pents, cuz I keep taking care of people using resources!  :D

What Tarot Card Would I Be?


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Anonymous sent: I had someone once insist that you should never use a deck you purchased for yourself. However, I don't have anyone who would buy a deck for me. Does that mean I should never use tarot?


Oh gosh, the whole debate is ridiculous. Look, personally, I don’t put any stock in the whole “Gifted decks are the ONLY decks” thing. Some believe that gifts are more powerful, I believe that decks are only as powerful as the reader. 

As an empath with a particular affinity for objects, I almost always buy my decks myself simply because I need to know if I mesh with the deck personally. If I don’t like its personality/it doesn’t like me, I don’t buy it. Which is why if someone DOES buy a deck for me, I’d rather like to be there to be able to make sure I get along with the gifted deck.

Personally?? In my experience, my decks work perfectly fine without being gifted. I’ve gotten my most accurate readings with my new deck, the Golden Universal, and I bought it myself. 

Long story short?? Buy the deck yourself and say “Fuck you” to anyone who looks down on you for it. The whole debate is ridiculous, because in the end, we’re all tarot readers, all part of the same community, whether our decks were gifts or not.

My input on this long-whispered tradition under the cut.

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How other archetype perceives them



INFJ - cold and hard on the outside, warm and fuzzy on the inside
INFP - warm and fuzzy inside and out
INTP - warm and fuzzy on the outside, cold and hard on the inside
INTJ - cold and hard inside and out


*sighs* This is true far too often. I’m INTJ and I’m not always cold or hard. Snakes need love too!


Life (Episode 6: Insects, 2009)
Cards of Banishment- a Tarot Spell

Ever meet someone professionally that you just… don’t ever want to deal with again?  As a reader, this happens to me all the time.  Clients who just waste my time and energy, angry folk who distrust what I’m doing… and then there are obnoxious readers.  You know, the ones who don’t read the same as you, and think they’re fully in the right to throw their weight around where you’re concerned?


I hate those guys.

So, I wrote this spell that uses the cards to take these morons far away from you and out of your hair forever.  One part conjuration, one part binding, and one part fate-bending hex.

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I’m not superstitious. I’m a witch. Witches aren’t superstitious. We are what people are superstitious of.
Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith

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Hi, new followers!  :)

I’m Rune, and welcome to the Grimoire of Geekery!  This blog is for geekomancy, aka pop culture magic; also pop culture paganism!  I’ll also probably reblog more standard witchy things, or generally whatever I think inspires my geekomantic work.  I am particularly fond of cartomancy and musical magic too, so you’ll see a lot some of that.

As I’ve mentioned before:

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