Anonymous sent: Come With Me Now by KONGOS

You get the Imbolc card inverted!  Be patient, for spring will come again, and no winter can last forever.  Light a white candle, and whisper your troubles to the image of a serpent.  When next you see a snake, it will be there to tell you that the troubles are going away.


when children talk to me

darkbookworm13 said:

If a ghost destroyed books I would dock points from their score…

I think that is the best response I’ve ever heard.  :D

Music: 2
RPG: 2
Movie: 1
Riddle/Poem: 1

Wow!  Y’all lit up my mailbox while I was sleeping!  To answer the question- yes!  The Octo-extravaganza is still happening!

I’ll keep y’all posted as to how far in we’ve gone.  Current talley:

Halloween Music Suggestions- 2RPG Secrets- 2
Halloween Movie Suggestions- 1
Eightfold Riddle/Poems- none

*runs to askbox to answer people*

Rune’s 888 Octo-extravaganza!

Howdy, all!


We reached 888 followers here at Grimoire of Geekery, and as promised, I’m going to be doing a few specials around here!

Specifically, eight.

  1. For the month of October, I will be running a special on my flat-fee readings: all prices will be variables of 8 for the month.  All spreads for 15$ are marked down to 8$, all 30$ spreads are marked down to 16$, and all 35$ spreads are 24$!

    This is only for people who order flat-fee spreads from me.  All consultations remain at the standard rates.  :)
  2. In addition, anyone who orders a Duel Arcane or Sabbat reading will get an extra bonus- I’ll throw in a complimentary spell from the Grimoire!

  3. Vriska’s Octet gains a God Tier upgrade!  Anyone who orders an Octet reading gets a free Aspect Pattern reading as well!  This is a new spread that I haven’t shared yet, so y’all will get the jump on the rest of Tumblr!

  4. The Artemisia Book is also on a discount!  Until the end of October, suggested donation will be between 8$ and 16$!

  5. The first eight people to send me an song idea for my Halloween playlist (no corny suggestions, I want creepy witch aesthetic please) will receive a one card draw from the Witchy/Hip Witch Tarot!  If it sounds like it might show up on AHS, it works!

  6. The first eight people to send me a secret from their favorite classic RPG video game will receive a one card draw from the 8-bit Tarot!

  7. The first eight people to send me a suggestion for a fun witchy movie for my Halloween marathon (I’ve already got anything with Dianne Wiest, Eva Green, Bette Midler, and Fairuza Balk on my list) will get a one-card pull from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot!  I love anything witchy- scary or silly.  Suggest away!

  8. Finally, I will be giving away eight spreads away for free!  The first eight people to send me a riddle or poem that involves the number eight get one of my octo-associated spreads for free!*

Ladies, gentlemen, and others… start your search engines!

*Note: extra bonuses listed in sections 2 and 3 are only available for paid clients.

Anonymous sent: AAMM: Identity- Is it solid? Is it mutable? Is it a choice? Identity magic?


In my experience, it’s all three- if you’ll forgive me for being so trite.  In my own understanding, identity is a combination of what you choose, what you need, and what you dread.  Those things are what we become.

As far as identity magic… I recommend invocation for anyone wishing to become more, whether that means fulfilling potential in oneself or adding new possibilities.

Invoke everything!  :)

And if you like, I’ll help you privately- contact me off anon, and I’ll give you some invocation tips.

Before I forget…


Just thought I’d remind everyone about Ask a Magician Monday! Hit up magical practitioners you do and don’t follow with questions about their practices, and remember to be respectful if they don’t want to participate.